Apple says that Windows 10 can also run on the M1 chip if Microsoft wants

The answer to the question that many users care about whether the base-ARM M1 MacBook can run Windows 10 has been revealed. For now, it does not support the direct installation of Windows 10.

The reason is that Windows 10 ARM is an OEM channel special edition product, which currently only supports Qualcomm Snapdragon series processors based on the ARM architecture.

Therefore, Windows 10 ARM cannot run directly on the Apple M1 chip based on the ARM architecture. Obviously, this requires Microsoft to adapt to different chips.

And will the security management function of the M1 chip restrict non-Apple systems? The answer is no. Apple has stated that it will not restrict the adaptation of the operating system.

Apple M1 Processor

Image: Apple

Craig Federighi, Apple SVP of Software Engineering said in an interview with Ars Technica that whether Windows 10 supports running on the M1 chip depends entirely on whether Microsoft is willing.

Craig Federighi said that Apple already has the core technology to run Windows 10 ARM version, and Windows 10 supports x86 mode applications.

Therefore, Microsoft must make a decision to make the technology licensed, and then users can run Windows 10 and x86 software on the M1 chip.

Apple also said that the company is definitely capable of running x86 software, so the needs of developers and users depend entirely on whether Microsoft is willing to support it.