Apple releases iOS 15.4: Face ID with masks available for iPhone 12 and later

Apple has released the official iOS 15.4 version for iPhone users. For users of iPhone 12 and newer models, iOS 15.4 is basically a must upgrade, because this iOS version adds support for wearing a mask to unlock Face ID, solving the problems that have plagued everyone since the beginning of 2020: after wearing a mask, Face ID cannot recognize your face to unlock it normally, and you need to use the original password to unlock it. Some users and the media have said that this new unlocking speed is very fast, and the experience is the same as when you are not wearing a mask.
iOS 15 official

Image: Apple

However, users who are still using iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone X will not be able to enjoy this feature. Maybe Apple thinks the NPU computing power of the old model is not enough, or maybe it just wants the new iPhone to have an exclusive advantage. In addition, iOS 15.4 adds a new emoji, a more natural Siri voice, anti-Airtag tracking, and other small features upgrades.

In addition, iOS 15.4 also brings Universal Control to Apple Family Bucket users with iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This feature was announced as early as last fall. But it has not been done until now. It is mainly to achieve direct cross-screen operation between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This is also an important function in Apple‘s ecosystem, and it should greatly improve the efficiency of everyone’s use between multiple devices.