Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Apple releases iOS 13.2.1 to fix HomePod brick problem

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After the HomePod iOS 13.2 firmware was released, there were many HomePod users who said they were unable to respond after the device update was installed, and then Apple has closed the server certificate for the update. On Wednesday, Apple released a firmware update that will be adjusted and enabled new features such as audio HandOff and multi-user.

iOS 13.2 provides support for new HomePod features, and the updated HomePod will allow devices running iOS 13.2 to transfer related audio on the device, such as music, podcasts, and calls, by moving closer to HomePod.

iOS 13.2.1 provides support for new ‌‌HomePod‌‌ features:

– The ability for ‌‌HomePod‌‌ to recognize the voices of different family members to provide a personalized experience
– Handoff music, podcasts, or phone calls by bringing your iPhone close to ‌‌HomePod‌‌
– Add music to your ‌HomeKit‌ scenes
– Play relaxing high-quality soundtracks with Ambient Sounds
– Set sleep timers to fall asleep to music or Ambient Sounds

Via: macrumors