Apple releases an official statement to continue to publicly oppose the EU mandate of USB-C interface

The European Union has promoted the use of the same interface for digital products in the early years, but at that time the European Union only recommended manufacturers to comply with the rules but not mandatory.

The good news is that most companies have supported the European Union’s approach to using the USB-C interface, which is why many data lines can now be used universally without causing waste.

The starting point of the European Union is actually for environmental protection purposes, because different types of interfaces may cause a large number of data lines to be unusable and cause damage to resources and the environment.

However, Apple still wants to stick to its own Lighting interface. Although Apple has used USB-C on some devices, the iPhone will not change the interface.

hijack iPhone Lightning cable

“Lightning cable”by robpegoraro is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Apple also issued a statement after the European Union announced the mandatory use of the USB-C interface. In the statement, Apple stated that the EU’s approach would only stifle innovation and cause waste.

Apple believes that forcing the use of the same interface will stifle innovation rather than encourage innovation. Apple believes that it represents innovation and always pays attention to the actual user experience.

However, why it stifled innovation, Apple did not give an explanation in the statement, but Apple also said that using the same interface would also cause a waste of resources.

Apple’s explanation on this point is that there are currently billions of devices worldwide using Lighting interfaces, and these devices obviously can no longer replace the interfaces.

Fortunately, Apple has already used the USB-C interface on some MacBooks and iPads, and subsequent iPhones can gradually advance if they also change the interface.

Therefore, the unification of the USB-C interface in the European Union is a very good measure, and Apple should follow up instead of continuing to stick to the existing interface and continue to cause a waste of resources.

Via: SlashGear