November 26, 2020

Apple released the second public beta of iOS/iPadOS 14.2

1 min read

Today, Apple released the second public beta of iOS/iPadOS 14.2. In addition to continuing to adjust the UI interface and modify the bug, it also brings a lot of new Emoji expressions.

In iOS 14.2, Apple has added a variety of new Emoji expressions, which include tearful smiley faces, disguised faces, ninjas, cats, bison, mammoths, beavers, polar bears, and Dudu Birds, seals, beetles, cockroaches, flies, and more.

iOS 14.2 adds Shazam listening and recognizing music function in the control center. This new function can identify the music playing around and also the music playing in the app. The recognized music pops up by push, and you can listen to it in Apple Music after clicking.

What’s more interesting is that some developers discovered in the iOS 14. 2 beta that Apple may no longer randomly include EarPods earphones. Of course, this is just a guess and cannot be finalized.

In addition, iOS 14.2 has redesigned the audio card of the control center. The new page combines the playback control and speakers with the TV page, and a new control option is opened at the bottom, which can display the current Wi-Fi environment separately.