Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Apple released Safari 12.0

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Apple introduced the Safari 12.0 software update for macOS Sierra and High Sierra systems earlier today to further enhance security and protect personal privacy. The Safari 12 update includes privacy, compatibility, and security enhancements, including:

crash ios devices

  • Added the ability to view website icons in tabs ;
  • Automatically suggest and populate unique strong passwords when creating an account or changing your password;
  • Flag the re-used password in the Safari browser “Preferences”;
  • Support for allowing or blocking pop-ups in specific websites;
  • Prevent embedded content and social media buttons from being tracked across sites without permission;
  • Limit ad redirection by reducing the ability of advertisers to recognize Mac devices;
  • Automatically turn off Safari browser extensions that have a negative impact on browsing performance;
  • Support only Apple-reviewed legacy Safari browser extensions for increased security;
  • Most NPAPI plugins are no longer supported, which increases security.

Apple recommends that all macOS Sierra and High Sierra users install this update and go to the Mac App Store to apply the Updates section.