Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Apple released iPadOS/iOS 13.1 beta 2

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Recently there have been rumors that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will be pre-installed with the iOS 13.1 system, and Apple’s first beta update of iPadOS/iOS 13.1 in advance at the end of August seems to confirm this rumor. This morning, Apple released a second beta update of iPadOS/iOS 13.1.

iOS 13 concept

The iPadOS/iOS 13.1 update brings back many features that were previously removed in the 13.0 test, such as Shortcuts Automations, which can trigger actions based on scene conditions such as time, geographic location, and network environment. There is also the estimated time of arrival of the map app, which can share the estimated arrival time of a place with friends or family.

In addition, iPadOS/iOS 13.1 brings some new changes. For example, if your iPhone is connected to AirPods, you can see the AirPods icon on the bar when you adjust the volume. In addition to AirPods, this change also supports Powerbeats Pro, HomePods.

Via: 9to5mac