Apple released iOS 12 seventh developer beta

Apple released iOS 12 seventh developer beta

In the early morning of August 14, Apple released the seventh beta of the iOS 12 operating system. If you are a developer and have a developer account, the full firmware package for the new beta system for all operating systems is available for download through the Apple Developer Center.

Of course, devices that are already in the developer‘s beta state, if you have already installed the correct configuration file, you can also directly update the system through OTA.

The build version of the seventh developer beta for iOS 12 is 16A5354b, while the previous beta version is 16A5345f.

As in the past, the seventh developer beta of iOS 12 also focuses on the fixes and performance improvements of regular bugs. There are no apparent new feature improvements, so some of the developments in the details of the sixth developer beta are especially. It is the fine adjustment of the interface and function, whether the performance can be optimized, the endurance level, etc., and it needs to be thoroughly explored to find out.

According to Apple’s iOS 12 Developer Beta 7 update log for developers, some relatively new changes are as follows:

  • Removed Group FaceTime multi-person simultaneous chat features and this feature will not be available when the official version of iOS 12 is released. Apple said that Group FaceTime would be released as an update to iOS 12 “later this fall.”
  • Cut down some ways to get kids to bypass the “screen time” app restrictions, and after upgrading to the new beta, Apple recommends that parents change the “screen time” password to prevent kids from quit iCloud or change The method of system time is released.
  • A bug in iOS 12 beta seventh that could cause Apple Pay to be unavailable. Apple recommends retrying Apple Pay or fixing it by rebooting the device.

Anyway, any beta of iOS is as described in its name, and everything is still in beta. In most cases, the performance may not be as good as the official version, and even very unstable or data loss, so if your The device is the primary device for daily use, and it is not recommended to try it. But if you are interested in beta testing, or if this is your non-main machine, it’s best to back up necessary data before you try it.