Apple released iOS 12 eighth developer beta

Apple released iOS 12 eighth developer beta

In the early morning of August 16, Apple officially released the eighth beta of the iOS 12 operating system. The last developer beta for iOS 12 was released in the early hours of August 14th, with a two-day interval. So long after, the main reason is that after the release of the seventh developer beta of iOS 12, a few hours later, it was found that the performance problem was relatively large, and Apple could not withdraw the update.

After the release of the seventh developer beta of iOS 12, test users found that some apps started to show apparent stagnation. It took 10 seconds or more for individual apps to start, and the reboot still reproduces the same phenomenon. Some users also found that the app “frozen screen” could not be operated, the notification center “frozen death” did not respond, the lock screen “locked” or unlocked the animation “slow motion,” some apps could not load the response interface and function after opening.

Although Apple officials did not confirm the above problem and did not issue any statement to explain why the seventh developer beta of iOS 12 was removed, in theory, the eighth developer beta of iOS 12 should have solved the above-mentioned problem.

Now, if you are a developer and have a developer account, the full firmware package for the latest developer beta eight beta system for the iOS 12 operating system is available for download through the Apple Developer Center. Of course, iOS devices that are already in the developer’s beta state, if you have already installed the correct configuration file, you can also directly update the system through OTA.

The build version of the eighth developer beta for iOS 12 is 16A5357b, while the previous beta version has a version number of 16A5354b and the sixth test version number is 16A5345f. It can be seen that the version numbers of the eighth and seventh versions have not changed much, so the content that may be updated is not much different from the seventh version, and may only solve the apparent performance problem.

In fact, as in the past, after the update is completed, no apparent new feature improvements have been found. Therefore, the eighth developer beta of iOS 12 is also the repair and performance improvement of the regular bug and some relatively seventh or sixth development. The improvement of the details of the beta version, especially the fine adjustment of the interface and function, whether the performance is optimized, the endurance level, etc., need to be thoroughly explored to be tapped.

In any case, any beta version of iOS is described in its name, and everything is still in beta. In most cases, the performance may not be as good as the official version, or even extremely unstable or data loss, or like a few Beta 7 was suddenly withdrawn before the day. Therefore, if your device is the primary device for daily use, it is recommended not to try it. However, if you are interested in beta testing, or if you are testing your non-primary machine, it is best to back up critical data before you try it.