Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Apple opens the Find My network accessory protocol to developers

2 min read

According to the Apple developer website, the company is ready to open the Find My function provided in iOS devices to developers to help users find Apple devices.

This function is actually a network of hundreds of millions of iOS devices using Bluetooth network to communicate, after detecting lost Apple devices in the surroundings through Bluetooth to transfer item information.

The supported devices are mainly iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, and other device manufacturers can connect their accessories to this network after the opening.

After connection, the device will communicate with peripheral devices through Bluetooth LE or NFC function, and finally, display the approximate location of the device when it is lost.

The functions supported by Find My include:

Harmful tracking detection function: This function will notify users of accessories that may not be recognized normally, and also track the location information of such accessories over time.

Lost mode setting number: It supports setting the specific device or accessory to the lost mode through the network, and can also set a reserved number to contact you when it is picked up.

Find the location of the lost device: When a user loses a device, he can mark it as lost mode, and then the device information will be transmitted to each other in the Bluetooth network.

Eventually, when a user’s Bluetooth detects these lost devices, it will transfer its approximate location back to the user who was initially lost to help the user quickly find the device.

Control the device to play sounds: You can remotely initiate sounds to help users find accessories. After finding the approximate location of the accessory, the user can make the owner’s iOS device sound a reminder.

Apple used hundreds of millions of iOS users this time to form a huge lost crowdsourcing network. When users are close to the Bluetooth range, they will automatically transmit information.

Apple is preparing to open this crowdsourcing network to all device manufacturers. In theory, as long as device manufacturers are willing, they can access this network.

Apple said it will release relevant specifications for developers to test later. Interested developers and manufacturers can click here for details.