Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Apple officially launched the 10.2-inch 7th generation iPad tablet

1 min read

Apple officially announced the 7th generation iPad tablet at the new product launch conference, which is 10.2 inches in size and uses the A10 Fusion processor. Compared with the previous version, this new version may be supported by a smart connector, which makes it very easy to connect an external full-size keyboard to a notebook. Although it is just a tablet computer, Apple still continues to improve on the camera. The new version mainly brings stronger wide-angle shooting and telephoto shooting characteristics.

Although the new version is not a big change in terms of hardware, there is now an iPadOS that makes the tablet with a larger screen size more effective. The simplest and most practical operation is the split-screen operation of the iPad. For example, the user can view the data on the left screen and directly edit the data on the right screen. At the same time, not only the supporting documents but also the photos and even the video editor can perform the split-screen operation. Apple also said at the press conference that although iPadOS is based on the iOS system, it can customize more exclusive features for the iPad, so that iPad users can get a better experience.

At this time we can already see the specific price between the various versions of the iPad. For example, the new version of the iPad tablet starts at a minimum price of 329 USD.