Apple may revoke the position of industrial design chief

Former Apple chief designer Jony Ive has worked at Apple for 20 years. He announced in 2019 that he would leave Apple and set up a company called LoveFrom. Jony Ive is replaced by Evans Hankey, but the iPhone maker’s vice president of industrial design has only been in this position for three years and will soon leave Apple.

With the departure of Evans Hankey, Apple has not officially announced a successor, and it has been several months, leaving the outside world wondering. According to Bloomberg reports, a person familiar with the matter revealed that Apple does not plan to fill the vacancy, and no one will take her place.

Apple Evans Hankey

Evans Hankey leads Apple’s hardware design department, while Alan Dye was previously promoted to head of design for the company’s software and user interface, both reporting to Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams. It is understood that Apple’s leadership is undergoing a large-scale reshuffle, and no one will be promoted to the position of industrial design chief.

In the future, Apple’s core group of industrial designers will report to executives, 20 of whom will report directly to Jeff Williams. Since Jeff Williams also has other responsibilities, such a workload is obviously not easy. It was reported last month that the design of the Mac Pro equipped with a self-developed chip remains unchanged. It is the same as the existing version, and the overall appearance of the chassis is the same. It is not known whether it is related to the vacancy of the chief designer.

Many people hope that Apple will have new designs and new aesthetic changes in new products in the future.