Apple Mac Pro has the same design as the existing version with Intel CPU

In Apple’s product line, Mac Pro is the only product line that does not introduce self-developed chips and still uses Intel x86 processors. While the previous M1 Ultra used an innovative packaging architecture called UltraFusion, Apple interconnected two M1 Max chips to create an SoC with an unprecedented level of performance and functionality, but the M1 Ultra’s overall performance still falls short when compared with Intel’s workstation-oriented Xeon processors.

According to Wccftech, Apple has made concessions on the new version of Mac Pro, canceling the more powerful M2 Extreme and switching to M2 Ultra. At the same time, the design of the Mac Pro equipped with self-developed chips remains the same as the existing version, and the overall appearance of the chassis is the same.What’s more troublesome is that because the M2 Ultra adopts a unified memory design and integrates it into the motherboard, the Mac Pro equipped with a self-developed chip still lacks a key function of the Intel version, and users cannot upgrade the memory. It is reported that Apple will provide expansion including two SSD storage slots, but it is not sure whether it will use industry-standard sizes or a custom solution. It is rumored that Apple has encountered difficulties in the development of the new Mac Pro.

It was previously reported that after adopting self-developed chips, the size of the new Mac Pro is only half of the existing products, but now the new news will definitely disappoint many potential consumers who have been waiting for a long time. The tighter space and lower weight allowed users to easily adjust its position, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.