Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Apple launched the fifth-generation Apple Watch

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The new version of the smartwatch is the Apple Watch Series 5 series. However, the new version of the Apple Watch does not have many bright spots. After all, the appearance is not much improved, mainly in terms of hardware. In terms of functionality, Apple uses a number of useful examples to illustrate the security aspects of this smartwatch, such as the ability to automatically send a distress signal after a fall.

Apple Watch Series 5

The hardware improvement is mainly due to the always-on Retina screen that always lights up. Of course, the screen brightness is adjustable so there is no need to worry about battery life. Conventional materials include 100% recycled aluminum and a body such as titanium and ceramic. Apple also offers more straps for personalization. In addition, this new feature also includes noise detection to display the volume of the environment in real-time.

This new version is also supported by the GPS Global Positioning System, and the price depends on whether it supports positioning and cellular networks. Case size 40 mm + GPS positioning country line price starting from $399, case size 40 mm + GPS positioning + support cellular network version of the national line price of $560.