Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Apple introduces a game subscription service for a monthly fee of $4.99

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Apple’s game subscription service was first announced at Apple’s new product launch, which was previously revealed by sources. According to Apple‘s official introduction to the game subscription service, hundreds of popular games and innovative games are provided. At the same time, all games do not have any advertising content and do not need to make in-app purchases, which means that players can choose various games according to their own interests.

The price of the game subscription service is $4.99 per month. All games that are selected for the game subscription service do not have any advertising content or in-app purchases. Users only need to pay the subscription fee at no extra charge. Game experience for cross-platform games: Supported subscription games will support from iPhone to iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

You can also play without a network: this subscription game also adjusts the license settings, even if the user does not have a network at all, you can enter the game anytime, anywhere.