Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Apple hires hundreds of outsourcing teams to listen to the conversations between the user and the Siri

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Many well-known technology companies such as Apple have been found to transcribe user conversations and then hand them over to the contractor to listen to their content to improve the voice assistant. Apple, Amazon, and Google have chosen to stop transcribing user conversations after the news was revealed, however, Microsoft said it is necessary and continues to collect. What makes many users helpless is that when they first use these voice assistants, they don’t know that their conversations will be recorded and handed over to others for direct listening. Therefore, when these contractors arrange employees to listen to user conversations, they will inevitably hear the user’s private information.

Apple SiriOS

“iPad Siri”by plynoi is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Recently, Apple decided to stop listening to the user dialogue and ends contracts for hundreds of workers hired to listen to Siri. The daily work of this huge team is to listen to the user dialogue and then record. After the release of the dismissal notice, these contractor employees were also very helpless. Some employees said that when the Apple project was completed or an unexpected situation occurred, Apple would be dismissed immediately.

There is no room for any negotiation or any other compromise. After the contract is terminated by Apple, the contractor will also expel all employees. As for compensation, after all, these employees are not contracted with Apple, so it is obviously impossible to provide compensation for Apple. Therefore, the dismissed contractor employees also said that they were immediately dismissed after the scandal occurred. Apple and the contractor did not provide any assistance to the dismissed employees.

Via: The Guardian