September 22, 2020

Apple has released a software update to alleviate unexpected popping sound issues in the 16-inch MacBook Pro

1 min read

Earlier, Apple issued a memorandum to authorized repairers. The memo mainly said that the 16-inch MacBook Pro version has a popping sound problem. When users use this device to play audio and video content, if they try to cut songs or use the space bar to pause, there may be abnormal sounds such as popping and clicking. An internal memo obtained by Macrumors from Apple’s authorized service provider shows that Apple has confirmed that users may experience popping issues when playing some videos with some software. Apple’s software includes Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, QuickTime Player, Apple Music, and Apple Movies.

In the previously released internal memo, Apple mentioned that this problem was a software problem, so authorized service providers should not try to perform disassembly repairs after receiving user feedback. At present, Apple has launched a new version of macOS and fixed this problem, but Apple did not mention popping sound content in the update log. Some users said that the popping sound problem has been significantly improved after installing the latest version, and most software does not pop up when they try to play or pause. Therefore, users who use the 16-inch MacBook Pro version can try to upgrade if they encounter this problem. After the upgrade, they should no longer affect the normal playback of users.