Apple has launched the iCloud UWP version for Windows users

iCloud Universal Windows Platform

At present, Apple has put the iCloud Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version in the Windows 10 app store. Most of this version will directly replace the traditional desktop version. iTunes and iCloud have not been updated on the Windows platform for a long time, but last year Microsoft announced a partnership with Apple to launch the iTunes UWP version.

According to the previous plan, Apple’s UWP software was prepared for the Windows 10 S mode, because the traditional desktop version cannot be used in the S mode. I don’t know how many users are using Windows 10 S mode, but ordinary users can also download and use Apple’s two UWP software.

There is almost no difference between the iCloud UWP version and the desktop version. It is accurate to say that even the interface is no different. So there is not much difference in the functionality provided: Synchronize the photo contact mail calendar, etc. to iCloud, the cloud sync folder that is announced on the PC. You can also share files directly from the Windows 10 PC’s File Explorer. Of course, you can also sync files with your iOS device using iCloud.

On the system requirements, users must upgrade Windows 10 Version 1903 Build 18362.145. Older users cannot download and install this iCloud version. Interested users can download the iCloud UWP version from the app store by clicking here.