Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Apple has fixed an issue in iOS Family Sharing feature

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Recently, many users have trouble when trying to download applications in the Apple App Store. The App Store will frequently pop up a prompt saying that this app will not be shared with you.

At the same time, after the user refreshes the application store, some applications will be repeatedly updated and continuously updated automatically, and then Apple confirmed that this is a failure of the backend server.

Apple said that the problem is mainly related to a temporary repair of the Family Sharing feature. Previously, users reported that the Family Sharing system seemed to have a malfunction.

After receiving feedback, Apple made a temporary fix to the problem reported by the user. As a result, this temporary fix also affected many users who did not use Family Sharing.

Apple Store privacy policy

At present, most users of Apple will no longer be affected after the repair of the back-end server, but some previously affected users may also need cumbersome operations.

These users need to re-download those affected applications. After downloading, the system will no longer record Family Sharing content, so similar problems will not occur again.

If users see a large number of new version updates in the app store, please also update them. In theory, these apps can also solve the problem after being updated again.

Finally, if the above operations still cannot solve the problem, the user may need to directly uninstall these applications and then reinstall them in the application store.

Via: appleinsider