Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Apple brings FIDO2 standard to iOS 14 for support passwordless logins

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Microsoft has already announced the phasing out of passwords to simplify user login and improve security, which mainly relies on biometric authentication to replace traditional strings.

Google also announced its participation in the FIDO2 alliance last year to allow Android systems to support passwordless logins, and now Apple has begun implementing similar policies to support iOS biometric authentication.

Apple said that the relevant development kit has been added to the iOS 14 beta, and developers can now call this kit for early compatibility testing.

Touch ID Safari
Image: iMore

At this stage, passwordless login does not require a password at all, but with the help of the standards provided by the FIDO2 Alliance, developers can call local biometric authentication.

When users bind their accounts, they can use biometric verification to log in next time, without the need for tedious verification procedures such as entering passwords or verification codes.

Biometric verification supports fingerprint recognition and facial recognition, that is, Safari 14 browser can call Touch ID or Face ID provided by iOS devices.

Apple officially stated that this login method is convenient and safe, so it is recommended for developers to use it. Click here to go to the Apple developer website to learn more.