December 5, 2020

Apple announces the launch of subscription offer codes feature

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Discount codes or coupons are very commonly used functions in consumer products. Usually, businesses will issue specific coupons on different channels to attract consumers to use them.

You can also use discount codes to purchase various paid applications in the Apple Store, but Apple has not responded to many suggestions from developers.

Only recently Apple announces the arrival of the subscription offer codes feature, which is similar in nature to discount codes and coupons and can provide discounts to users.

In terms of application purchases, the feature is only free trials on App Store, that is, developers can set up applications for users to conduct free trials and then pay.

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The subscription discount codes now launched may be more creative than the free trial. These two functions can be used together to help developers attract consumers.

For example, developers can draw prizes or give away one-time-use discount codes through online or offline activities, and users can subscribe at a discount after receiving the discount code.

For users, offer codes can be used to reduce app purchase costs, and for developers, this can attract more users to purchase apps through discounts.

According to Apple’s description, the offer code is a code composed of letters or numbers, which supports discounted prices or even free subscriptions in automatic renewal subscriptions.