Apple: all apps on Apple Store must have a privacy policy

Apple: all apps on Apple Store must have a privacy policy

Apple announced that starting October 3, 2018, all new and updated applications will require a privacy policy for submission to the App Store or beta testing via TestFlight. Apple has a privacy policy for applications that access personal information, including apps that offer subscriptions, accept Apple Pay, or use an Apple framework such as HomeKit, HealthKit, or CareKit. Now, this requirement will be extended to all applications, including essential apps that don’t share data in any way.

Before October 3, existing apps on the App Store will not be affected by this initiative, so some old apps may still have no privacy policy. Apple has detailed its privacy policy requirements in its App Store review guide.

Privacy Policy: All apps must include an easily accessible privacy policy link within the App Store Connect metadata field and the app. The privacy policy must be clear and clear: Indicate the data collected by the app/service (if any), how it was collected, and all uses of the data.

Any third party that confirms that user data is shared with the app (in compliance with these guidelines) (for example, analytics tools, ad networks, and third-party SDKs, as well as any parent company, subsidiary, or other related entity that has access to user data) will provide privacy with the app. User data protection measures as described in the policy and required by these standards. Explain the data retention/deletion policy and explain how the user can revoke consent and/or request to delete user data.

App Store Connect has long provided developers with a privacy policy metadata field for submitting links to the iOS app’s privacy policy page. On Apple TV, there is no web browser, so App Store Connect has a text box that developers can browse through the full privacy policy it displays in the app.

Via: 9to5mac