September 27, 2020

Apple acquires artificial intelligence voice platform Voysis

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Voysis is a startup company located in Dublin, Ireland. It has been committed to developing a complete artificial intelligence voice platform. Consumers can use pure voice commands to search and use information in the applications of companies using the artificial intelligence voice platform.

Apple recently acquired Voysis, which may be aimed at improving Siri’s ability to understand natural language. In response to this news, Apple publicly responded:

apple bug bounty

“SF Apple Store”by signal11 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Voysis’s system taps into Wavenets, an AI-based method for creating more human-like computer speech that was first developed by Google’s DeepMind in 2016. Voysis co-founder Peter Cahill said in 2018 that his company managed to shrink its system to the point where, once the AI is trained, the software uses as little as 25 megabytes of memory — about the same size as four Apple Music songs. That made it much easier to run on smartphones without an internet connection.

Voysis has always wanted to be a platform that can help any company to quickly build its own brand of intelligent artificial intelligence voice systems. We are not sure whether Voysis can still do this work after it is acquired by Apple.

In the past few years, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have become more and more popular with users. The war in the artificial intelligence assistant market may enter into an upsurge again after Apple acquires Voysis.

Via: Bloomberg