November 26, 2020

Apple A14 Bionic chip far exceeds the performance of Orion 990 and Snapdragon 865

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Although Apple has not yet launched the iPhone 12 series, the benchmark test of the A14 Bionic chip has been leaked.

In the GeekBench benchmark test, the A14 scored 1583 points for single-core and 4198 points for multi-core. The leaked device showed that the processor had a 6-core frequency of 2.99GHz.

Apple’s previous-generation processor A13 has a main frequency of 2.7GHz and a single-core score of 1327 points, a multi-core score of 3300 points. Therefore, the performance of the A14 has increased a lot compared with the A13 Bionic chip.

As a comparison, Samsung Orion 990 single-core score is 928 points, the multi-core score is 2721 points, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 single-core score is 885 points, the multi-core score is 3216 points.

Of course, testing these scores on the iPhone does not make much sense in itself, but these chips are also used on the MacBook ARM version, so performance is very important.

Using A-series chips on MacBooks can help bring longer battery life and endurance to the device, although performance may not be comparable to x86.

Of course, the actual performance needs to wait for the device to be released before detailed testing.

Via: notebookcheck