Apache uimaFIT

Apache uimaFIT 2.4.0 release, Java UIMA annotation class


Apache uimaFIT 2.4.0 has been released. It provides a set of Java annotation classes for describing UIMA components.

uimaFIT employs Java annotations to integrate UIMA metadata directly into the source code, allowing for fewer lines of code and better refactorability then traditional, XML descriptor-based UIMA projects. It is capable of automatically detecting metadata, e.g. type system information, from the classpath. Convenience methods are provided for constructing components, pipelines, and for accessing annotations.

Apache uimaFIT 2.4.0 is a replacement for the previous version of Apache uimaFIT 2.x.


* Maven plugin “generate” goal can include type system imports in the generated descriptors (thanks to Jacob Carter)
* Added FSUtil.isMultiValuedFeature signature that works without a feature structure
* Fixed bug: indexCovered should not return reference annotation
* Fixed bug: (J)CasUtil.selectAt may return the wrong set of annotations


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