Apache Traffic Server 6.2.2 release, Mirror of Apache Traffic Server


Apache Traffic Server

Traffic Server is a high-performance building block for cloud services. It’s more than just a caching proxy server; it also has support for plugins to build large-scale web applications.

Changes with Apache Traffic Server 6.2.2
#1272 – TS-5104: Correct the calculation of max_dns_lookups in OSDNSLookup
#1276 – TS-5105: Do vc->con.setRemote(target) before socksEntry->init()
#1321 – 6.2.x TS-4435 and TS-5059: Fixes for building with OpenSSL 1.1
#1395 – Update client streams count in Http2ConnectionState::release_stream.
#1410 – 6.2.x: TS-4665: H2 not terminating stream with short chunked response
#1434 – Clang fixes
#1436 – Backport f71b75e and 734aa31 from master to 6.2.x
#1440 – Remove nullptr instances that were introduced from upstream backports…
#1485 – back port “fix TS-4195: double free when stop trafficserver” to 6.2.x
#1509 – TS-5106: Create ParentRoundRobin object as ParentRecord->selection_strategy for default parent proxy server
#1513 – TS-4747: make marking parent proxies down in hostdb configurable.
#1539 – Signals fix
#1541 – retry safe requests
#1543 – Remove nullptr instance that was introduced from upstream backport an…
#1636 – TS-4195: double free on exit
#1709 – Build fixes for Ubuntu 17
#1886 – Fix slow leak in traffic_manager caused by un-freed capabilities.
#1900 – delay DNS for origin server until it is required
#2011 – This should allow for per-version binaries
#2301 – Backport PR #1941, fix TLS handshake, to 6.2.x.
#2306 – Backport TS-5107
#2308 – TS-4375: Fix PCRE link issues on Darwin.
#2309 – Unfolds request headers that are using obs continuations
#2313 – Fix luajit build vaargs
#2316 – Uses an enum class for the Mgmt OpType


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