Apache Tomcat 7.0.94 released: fix high-risk vulnerability

Apache Tomcat 9

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Changelog Apache Tomcat 7.0.94


  • 63206: Add a new attribute to Context – createUploadTargets which, if true enables Tomcat to create the temporary upload location used by a Servlet if the location specified by the Servlet does not already exist. The default value is false. (markt)
  • Change the default for the enableCmdLineArguments parameter of the CGI servlet from true to false as additional hardening against CVE-2019-0232. (markt)
  • When the CGI Servlet is configured with enableCmdLineArguments set to true, limit the decoded form of the individual command line arguments to known safe values when running on Windows. This restriction may be relaxed by the use of the new initialisation parameter cmdLineArgumentsDecoded. This is the fix for CVE-2019-0232. (markt)
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