Apache Solr 6.6.1 release, Java Server full-text search


Apache Solr 6.6.1 was released. Apache Solr (pronunciation: SOLer) is an open source search server. Solr uses the Java language development, mainly based on HTTP and the Apache  Lucene implementation.

Change log

  • Standalone Solr loads UNLOADed core on request
  • ParallelStream should set the StreamContext when constructing SolrStreams
  • CloudSolrStream.toExpression incorrectly handles fq clauses
  • CoreContainer.load needs to send lazily loaded core descriptors to the proper list rather than send them all to the transient lists
  • Creating a core should write a core.properties file first and clean up on failure
  • Clean up a few details left over from pluggable transient core and untangling
  • Provide a way to know when Core Discovery is finished and when all async cores are done loading
  • CDCR bootstrapping can get into an infinite loop when a core is reloaded
  • SolrJmxReporter is broken on core reload. This resulted in some or most metrics not being reported via JMX after core reloads, depending on timing
  • Creating a core.properties fails if the parent of core.properties is a symlinked directory
  • StreamHandler should allow connections to be closed early
  • Certain admin UI pages would not load up correctly with kerberos enabled
  • Fix DOWNNODE -> queue-work znode explosion in ZooKeeper
  • Upgrade to Hadoop 2.7.4 to fix incompatibility with Java 9
  • Fix bin/solr.cmd so it can run properly on Java 9


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