Apache Qpid JMS

Apache Qpid JMS 0.27.0, Java Message Service

Apache Qpid JMS is a use of Qpid Proton protocol engine Java Message Service client. Supports Advanced Message Queuing Protocol 1.0 (AMQP 1.0, ISO / IEC 19464, http://www.amqp.org) based on the Apache Qpid Proton protocol engine and implements the development of AMQP JMS mapping in OASIS.
The Java Message Service (JMSAPI is a Java Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) API[1] for sending messages between two or more clients. It is an implementation to handle the Producer-consumer problem. JMS is a part of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, and is defined by a specification developed under the Java Community Process as JSR 914.[2] It is a messaging standard that allows application components based on the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) to create, send, receive, and read messages. It allows the communication between different components of a distributed application to be loosely coupled, reliable, and asynchronous. __Wiki
  • JMS 2.0 API
  • Secure communication via SSL and SASL
  • Producer flow control
  • Failover
  • Pure-Java implementation
Apache Qpid JMS 0.27.0 has been released.

New Features and Improvements

  • QPIDJMS-338  – SSL configuration should support setting keyStoreType and trustStoreType independently
  • QPIDJMS-339  – Allow setting keystore and truststore type from system properties

bug fix:

  • QPIDJMS-335  – SCRAM-SHA mechanism implies erroneously escape “=” and “,” in the password during processing
  • QPIDJMS-336  – Refine failover reconnect behavior
  • QPIDJMS-340  – Build fails with group id is too big error
  • QPIDJMS-342  – Missed connect error on start can lead to hung failover reconnect cycle
  • QPIDJMS-344  – FailoverWithAmqpOpenProvidedServerListIntegrationTest sporadic test failures in CI

Download:  http://qpid.apache.org/download.html

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