Apache OpenMeetings 5.0.0-M1 release, Video conferencing system

Apache OpenMeetings
Apache OpenMeetings is a multi-language customizable video conferencing and collaboration system. It supports audio, video, and allows you to view each participant’s desktop. OpenMeetings also includes a whiteboard that allows you to import images and graffiti in various formats via a whiteboard. The update includes:
Apache OpenMeetings


  • Send on Enter/Ctrl+Enter
  • Invited guest’s name displayed as expected
  • Turned OFF global chat is not displayed
  • Link works as expected
  • Smiles works as expected
  • Hover removed from chat


  • Download as PDF
  • Download/screen-sharing application in IE
  • No duplicated users
  • Activities&Actions improved
  • Number of users is displayed in the room
  • Mathematical formulas on WB

Apache OpenMeetings 5.0.0-M1 released.


  • Bug
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1761] – Restore of backups earlier than 3.1.3 should be dropped
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1850] – Currently build is broken
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1857] – RoomWebService hash method is broken
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1962] – Video about OM 5.0.0 Snapshot 2630
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1981] – When try send invitation no show users-mail addresses
    • [OPENMEETINGS-2023] – Audio/Video should be turned off in case right was revoked
    • [OPENMEETINGS-2027] – Screen-sharing/Recording is not working with Firefox or Safari
    • [OPENMEETINGS-2028] – Site contents need to be updated
    • [OPENMEETINGS-2029] – The mic at room don`t work – Firefox and Safari. The cam works in firefox, not in Safari
    • [OPENMEETINGS-2031] – “Mute others” icon is absent on video pad
    • [OPENMEETINGS-2035] – When start a recording can not stop it
    • [OPENMEETINGS-2039] – When recording the video file have errors
    • [OPENMEETINGS-2041] – Microphone feedback in OM 5.0
    • [OPENMEETINGS-2046] – webm recording not always correctly converted to mp4
  • Improvement
    • [OPENMEETINGS-29] – Mitigate Bandwidth Congestion when sharing the screen
    • [OPENMEETINGS-550] – GSOC: Improvements for video conferencing with limited bandwidth.
    • [OPENMEETINGS-710] – Make OpenMeetings 3.x tree runnable in Eclipse and provide some docs
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1178] – GSOC: WebRTC support for OM
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1352] – Change screen capturing via java applet to webRTC way
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1649] – HTML5 video need to be implemented
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1854] – Test recording should be implemented
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1855] – Network checking tool need to be migrated to JS
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1867] – Code-clean-up
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1955] – Room recording need to be implemented
    • [OPENMEETINGS-2003] – When opening a drawing board tool, the tool properties should automatically open up
    • [OPENMEETINGS-2032] – CSS need to be simplified, JS calls reduced
    • [OPENMEETINGS-2033] – User files location need to be configurable
  • Task
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1856] – Sonar issues need to be addressed (M1)
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1859] – Library versions need to be updated (5.0.0-M1)
    • [OPENMEETINGS-2049] – Room performance need to be tested