Apache OpenMeetings 4.0.7 release, Video conferencing system

Apache OpenMeetings
Apache OpenMeetings is a multi-language customizable video conferencing and collaboration system. It supports audio, video, and allows you to view each participant’s desktop. OpenMeetings also includes a whiteboard that allows you to import images and graffiti in various formats via a whiteboard. The update includes:
Apache OpenMeetings


  • Send on Enter/Ctrl+Enter
  • Invited guest’s name displayed as expected
  • Turned OFF global chat is not displayed
  • Link works as expected
  • Smiles works as expected
  • Hover removed from chat


  • Download as PDF
  • Download/screen-sharing application in IE
  • No duplicated users
  • Activities&Actions improved
  • Number of users is displayed in the room
  • Mathematical formulas on WB

Apache OpenMeetings 4.0.7 released.


  • Sub-task
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1931] – Hack with session cookie config need to be removed
  • Bug
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1870] – use kick-funktion in roomWebService
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1888] – No reply button to PM (Private Message)
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1945] – When clic pause video button become white window only if mouse is over it
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1957] – How to perform a logout process for an external user (student or teacher)
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1963] – Menu User Cannot Work
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1964] – Save as JPG should be removed from the menu
  • Improvement
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1636] – Upgrade AppointmentManager from HttpClient 3.x to 4.x
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1846] – Need a way to invalidate “endless” invatation
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1851] – Ability to chose what is displayed in the User panel in conference rooms
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1934] – Delete a single object
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1950] – duplication of archived polls
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1966] – Play chat notification sound anytime message is sent
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1967] – Healthceck API to be added/enhanced
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1970] – Use Authorization header for OAuth2 plugin
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1971] – Accept nested profile object in OAuth2
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1972] – Support SVG at whiteboard
  • Task
    • [OPENMEETINGS-1954] – Library versions need to be updated (4.0.7)