November 26, 2020

Apache OpenMeetings 5.0.1 releases, Video conferencing system

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Apache OpenMeetings is a multi-language customizable video conferencing and collaboration system. It supports audio, video, and allows you to view each participant’s desktop. OpenMeetings also includes a whiteboard that allows you to import images and graffiti in various formats via a whiteboard. The update includes:
Apache OpenMeetings


  • Send on Enter/Ctrl+Enter
  • Invited guest’s name displayed as expected
  • Turned OFF global chat is not displayed
  • Link works as expected
  • Smiles works as expected
  • Hover removed from chat


  • Download as PDF
  • Download/screen-sharing application in IE
  • No duplicated users
  • Activities&Actions improved
  • Number of users is displayed in the room
  • Mathematical formulas on WB

Apache OpenMeetings 5.0.1 released.


* Rate limit is checked for network test web service
* Libraries are updated to latest versions
* Password complexity can be fine-tuned

* Group files/recordings might be restored to wrong group

* Translations and support of RTL languages are improved
* Dashboard widgets and personal room are always displayed in current
user language

Some other fixes and improvements, 21 issues were addressed