Apache Lens

Apache Lens 2.7.1 release, a unified data analysis interface


Apache Lens provides a unified data analysis interface. By providing a single view across multiple data stores to split the task of data analysis, while optimizing the implementation of the environment. Hadoop Seamless Integration similar to traditional data warehouse functionality.

The main features of the project:

  • The simple metadata layer provides an abstract view layer for data storage
  • A single shared-mode server, based on Hive meta-storage. Modes are shared via Data Pipeline HCatalog and Analysis Application:
    • OLAP Cube QL  A high-level SQL-like language for querying and describing data sets stored in different cubes of data
    • JDBC driver and Java client library to handle queries
    • Lens Application Server  – This is a REST server that allows users to query data, change data models, schedule quotas, and query quotas
    • The driver-based architecture allows for embedding in reporting systems such as Hive, Column Data Store, Redshift, etc.
    • Engine Selection Based on Cost Algorithm  – This algorithm optimizes the use of resources by automatically selecting the best execution engine for the complexity of the query

Apache Lens 2.7.1 released, this version includes cube segmentation, cross-data federation, and other functions, to complete the source data check and other bug fixes and improvements.


Bug fixes:

  • LENS-773 ] – Wrong Cost Calculation in case of HIVE Dimension Query
  • LENS-1264 ] – Group by promotion not happening with aggregate dim attributes
  • LENS-1267 ] – Instances which are in waiting for state while restart are not getting resumed
  • LENS-1274 ] – Saved query table create failure should not stop lens server from starting
  • LENS-1275 ] – Launch Time should be set before executeAsync is called on selected driver
  • LENS-1282 ] – getUpdatedQueryContext () call is missing from QueryExecutionServiceImpl # executeTimeoutInternal
  • LENS-1288 ] – example-job.xml in example schema is not up to date with recent xsd changes
  • LENS-1289 ] – Fact column start_time and end_time not getting reflected with update fact command
  • LENS-1300 ] – Queries submissions are not getting rejected on sessions marked for close
  • LENS-1306 ] – Wrong hsql query is created when there are multiple facts and no dimension.
  • LENS-1307 ] – execute_with_timout not timing out after timeout time
  • LENS-1308 ] – User config loader database calls not inserting entries
  • LENS-1319 ] – Lens Client does not provide the option to pass query conf while submitting the query
  • LENS-1323 ] – TestRemoteHiveDriver # testMultiThreadClient failing in pre-commit builds
  • LENS-1326 ] – session/sessions API returning no data on GUI / API though there are active sessions


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