Apache Jackrabbit 2.19.5 releases: fully featured content repository

Apache Jackrabbit Oak

Apache Jackrabbit is a fully featured content repository that implements the entire JCR API. The Jackrabbit project was started when Day Software, the JSR-170 specification lead, licensed their initial implementation of the JCR reference implementation. The Jackrabbit codebase was used for the official reference implementation (RI) and technology compatibility kit (TCK) released along with the final JCR API.


Apache Jackrabbit Oak

Changelog v2.19.5


[JCR-4458] – When JcrRemotingServlet deployed on non-root context,
AclResource Webdav request fails
[JCR-4482] – jcr2spi: WorkspaceContentHandler leaks temp files
[JCR-4483] – jcr2spi: potential NPE in ImportHandler.endDocument
[JCR-4484] – jcr-tests: SerializationTest needs to cleanup after
parse failures in import tests
[JCR-4485] – InternalValueFactory.create(File) does not close input


[JCR-4467] – Remove all usage of java.security.acl.Group for Java 14
[JCR-4469] – link jackrabbit-api api docs from Oak
[JCR-4470] – update javadoc-plugin dependency to 3.1.1
[JCR-4475] – Improve o.a.j.jcr2dav.RepositoryStubImpl to test with
custom servlet path mapping


[JCR-4472] – jcr-rmi: switch to package-level version annotations
[JCR-4473] – set baseline comparisonVersion to latest stable (2.18.3)
[JCR-4476] – Update httpcore dependency to 4.4.12
[JCR-4478] – Update httpclient/mime dependencies to 4.5.10
[JCR-4489] – Update jacoco dependency to 0.8.4