Apache Geode 1.6.0 release, data management platform


Apache Geode 1.6.0 has been released, Apache Geode is a data management platform that provides real-time, consistent, across the entire cloud architecture to access data-critical applications.


  • Region entries are now serialized before putting in local cache
  • Entry expiration now updates last accessed time on NORMAL and PRE LOADED regions
  • Improved JDBC Connector connection pooling
  • Improved JDBC Connector attribute type conversion including MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • Fixed a bug in CacheLoader when loading PdxInstance requiring class to be on classpath if pdx-read-serialized is false
  • Fixed a bug where¬†EvictionAttributesMutator.setMaximum does not work
  • Fixed race condition in concurrent create on region when the key used in a putIfAbsent call that returns null may not be the one in the RegionEntry
  • Added new MBeans to monitor size and overflow stats for the Gateway sender queue; specifically 1.¬†MemLRUStatistics lruEvictions stat for the sender queue and 2.¬†DiskRegionStatistics entriesOnlyOnDisk and bytesOnlyOnDisk stats for the sender queue
  • Fixed bug to ensure MAX_QUERY_EXECUTION_TIME is honored during long queries and before hitting out of memory exception
  • Prevent tombstones from being added to an index during region initialization that caused initialization to last more than an hour
  • Fixed a bug where cluster configuration does not respond after locator reconnects to the distributed system
  • Apply ArgumentRedactor to JVM arguments
  • Fixed jar deploy on Windows
  • Fixed being able to set specific ciphers for REST interface
  • Fixed link in help tab in Pulse
  • Fixed gfsh output when window size is 80 columns wide
  • Fixed configuring gfsh Configure PDX option ‘auto-serializable-classes’ to set ‘check-portability’ as ‘false’
  • Fixed pulse application to work correctly in locales other than US
  • Created gfsh command to list jndi binding
  • Created gfsh command to destroy jndi binding
  • Created gfsh command to describe jndi binding
  • More


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