Apache CXF 3.0.16 releases, open source service framework

Apache CXF is an open source Service Framework that implements some of the key standards in JCP and Web Services.

It originated as the combination of two open-source projects: Celtixdeveloped by IONA Technologies and XFire developed by a team hosted at Codehaus. These two projects were combined by people working together at the Apache Software Foundation and the new name CXF was derived by combining “Celtix” and “XFire“.

The CXF key design considerations include:

CXF is often used with Apache ServiceMixApache Camel and Apache ActiveMQ in service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure projects.

CXF includes a broad feature set, but it is primarily focused on the following areas:

Apache CXF 3.0.16 was released.



  • [CXF-7412] – PhaseInterceptorChain has thrown exception, unwinding now java.lang.NullPointerException: null at org.apache.cxf.binding.soap.saaj.SAAJUtils.getHeader(SAAJUtils.java:43)
  • [CXF-7430] – The logInputStream method of the LoggingInInterceptor fails if input stream size bigger than limit and PrettyPrint option is true.
  • [CXF-7438] – Xml validation error with MTOM
  • [CXF-7440] – VariantListBuilderImpl build() don’t work without add method
  • [CXF-7443] – ClassCastException in org.apache.cxf.transport.http.Headers
  • [CXF-7447] – Java 2 security issues
  • [CXF-7453] – WebFaultOutInterceptor calls getFaultSubcodes() even in case of SOAP1.1 faults
  • [CXF-7454] – NullPointerException during wsdl validation
  • [CXF-7478] – Response entity can not be auto-closed if the entity is read implicitly
  • [CXF-7483] – JAXRSServerFactoryBeanDefinitionParser doesn’t log autowire failures


  • [CXF-7419] – Support subresource locators returning the classes
  • [CXF-7436] – Enhance Search SQLPrinterVisitor to support hierarchical queries
  • [CXF-7492] – Add a new wadltojava ‘authorization’ option