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Apache Commons Text 1.2 releases, library focused on algorithms working on strings


Apache Commons Text 1.2 officially released, the project provides a large number of algorithms focused on dealing with strings and text blocks.

At our time of the release of 1.2, our build, “mvn clean site,” succeeds with Java 9.0.1 build 9.0.1+11, and we believe all of our features to be Java 9 compatible. However, when we run the build there are substantive warnings particularly with the maven-changes-plugin:jira-report.



o TEXT-74: StrSubstitutor: Ability to turn off substitution in values. Thanks to Ioannis Sermetziadis.
o TEXT-97: RandomStringGenerator able to pass multiple ranges to .withinRange(). Thanks to Amey Jadiye.
o TEXT-89: WordUtils.initials support for UTF-16 surrogate pairs. Thanks to Arun Vinud S S.
o TEXT-90: Add CharacterPredicates for ASCII letters (uppercase/lowercase) and arabic numerals.
o TEXT-85: Added CaseUtils class with camel case conversion support. Thanks to Arun Vinud S S.
o TEXT-91: RandomStringGenerator should be able to generate a String with a random length.
o TEXT-102: Add StrLookup.resourceBundleLookup(ResourceBundle).


o TEXT-106: Exception thrown in ExtendedMessageFormat using quotes with custom registry. Thanks to Benoit Moreau.
o TEXT-100: StringEscapeUtils#UnEscapeJson doesn’t recognize escape signs correctly. Thanks to Don Jeba.
o TEXT-105: Typo in LongestCommonSubsequence#logestCommonSubsequence. Thanks to Abrasha.


o TEXT-107: Upversion commons-lang to 3.7.
o TEXT-98: Deprecate isDelimiter and use HashSets for delimiter checks. Thanks to Arun Vinud S S.
o TEXT-88: WordUtils should treat an empty delimiter array as no delimiters. Thanks to Amey Jadiye.
o TEXT-93: Update RandomStringGenerator to accept a list of valid characters. Thanks to Amey Jadiye.
o TEXT-92: Update commons-lang dependency to version 3.6.
o TEXT-83: Document that commons-csv should be used in preference to CsvTranslators. Thanks to Amey Jadiye.
o TEXT-67: NumericEntityUnescaper.options – fix TODO.
o TEXT-84: RandomStringGenerator claims to be immutable, but isn’t.


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