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Apache Commons JCS 2.2 release


Apache Commons JCS 2.2 released, Apache Commons JCS is a distributed, multi-functional caching system written in Java that is designed to accelerate applications by providing a way to manage a variety of dynamic caching data. Similar to other caching systems, JCS is useful for high-read applications.

This is a bug fix release, the main update is as follows:

New feature:

  • Add a shutdown() method to JCS

Fix bug:

  • JCS-180: CacheInvocationContextImpl NPE if method doesn’t have any argument
  • JCS-179: RemoteCacheServerFactory not able to start server Thanks to Archer.
  • JCS-178: Clients using RemoteCache are not working. Add a test.
  • JCS-177: Fix: CompositeCacheManager leaks memory if CacheAccess.dipose is called Thanks to Ryan Fong.

See the release notes for complete updates.


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