Apacer releases regular version and NOX series DDR5 memory

Apacer announced the launch of consumer/game-level DDR5 memory, which is divided into standard version DDR5 memory used by ordinary users and NOX DDR5 memory for gamers. Although Apacer released DDR5 memory as early as the second quarter of 2021, it is only a product for servers.

Apacer’s DDR5 memory complies with the JEDEC standard. Compared with the upper limit of standard DDR4 memory of 3200MHz, the frequency is increased to 4800MHz, which increases the bandwidth by 50%. Compared with DDR4 memory, the operating voltage of DDR5 memory is reduced from 1.2 V to 1.1 V, and the performance is increased by 8%. By using JEDEC certified power management IC (PMIC), a more stable circuit can be created. From 16 Bank of DDR4 memory to 32 Bank, DDR5 memory has doubled the access availability, and the IC has its own On-die ECC debugging mechanism, which can repair the DRAM unit by its own function, so it has higher stability.

Apacer stated that its DDR5 memory starts at 4800MHz, among which the NOX DDR5 series memory supports Intel XMP 3.0 technology, allowing users to obtain performance improvements when necessary. Next, NOX DDR5 series memory will launch models from 5200MHz to 7200MHz to meet the performance needs of high-end players and overclockers. In the era of DDR4 memory, the NOX series also have products equipped with RGB lighting effects. I believe that Apacer’s NOX DDR5 series memory will have similar products in the future.