Antec launched a new Vortex series integrated water cooling radiator

Antec announced the launch of a new generation of the new Vortex series of integrated water cooling radiators. It is characterized by the use of a suspended spiral design water-cooling head, which is inspired by the image of the vortex, and the ARGB lighting effect enhances the visual effect. With an optimized large-area pure copper heat dissipation base, it brings a more efficient heat dissipation effect.


Image: Antec

Vortex series all-in-one water cooling radiator provides two products, Vortex 240 ARGB and Vortex 360 ARGB. It is equipped with a Fusion PWM ARGB fan, using hydraulic bearings, the speed is between 600±200 RPM~2000±10% RPM, and the air volume is up to 57.93 CFM. The wind pressure is up to 2.11 mmH2O, and the noise is between 17.02 and 31.24 dB(A). It is equipped with 16 LEDs, distributed in a specially designed dodecagonal ring light strip, projecting different lighting effects from multiple angles. The EPDM high-density braided water pipe is used, which has the characteristics of anti-folding, anti-tensile, and wear-resistant, which reduces the loss of natural flow of liquid.  The cold radiator has 13 dense aluminum fins, and the fin width is 8mm, which effectively achieves heat conduction and heat dissipation.

The metal clips of the Vortex series integrated water cooling radiators support Intel’s LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA115x, LGA20xx platforms, and AMD’s TR4, AM5, and AM4 platforms. In addition, an ARGB controller is included to synchronize the lighting effects with the motherboard. It adopts a new generation of IC electronic switchers, which automatically synchronizes with the motherboard, and can also control the color and mode of the light with the motherboard to synchronize the overall visual effect.