Anonymous launches DDoS attacks against Zimbabwe’s government

Anonymous launches DDoS attacks against Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans have been unable to access the Internet for a few days from January 14, 2019 (Monday). In order to prevent protesters from continuing to hold protests about soaring oil prices and rising living costs, the local government ordered all four communications operators in the country to completely cut off the Internet.

The Anonymous then announced to launch a DDoS attack on the Zimbabwe government website. An anonymous member posted a message on a forum saying: “Greetings Zimbabwe, we are Anonymous. We have previously seen innocent people being killed in Zimbabwe. We have seen oppression and tyranny. We have seen people being oppressed for fighting for freedom. We cannot tolerate that. As we did with the Sudanese government, we have successfully taken down 72+ Zimbabwe government websites. This is only a start. Your banking system will also fall soon. Zimbabwe government, you have become an enemy of Anonymous! Your systems are in danger! In the face of oppression, rebellion becomes our duty. Courage to our brothers who fight for freedom in Zimbabwe and Sudan.”

Announced #OpZimbabwe’s message contains a list of websites that have been DDoS attacks by various anonymous members. The first attack was on the website of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe government website that has encountered DDoS attacks includes:

Via: thenextweb