Angular.js 1.6.6 release, web front-end framework

Web front-end framework Angular.js 1.6.6 released, updated as follows:

Bug Fixes

  • $httpParamSerializer: ignore functions (b51ded#16133)
  • $resource: do not throw when calling old $cancelRequest() (009ebe#16037)
  • $parse:
    • do not shallow-watch computed property keys (750465)
    • support constants in computed keys (9d6c3f)
  • $http: do not throw error if Content-Type is not application/json but response is JSON-like (2e1163#16027#16075)

New Features

  • $compile: add strictComponentBindingsEnabled() method (3ec181#16129)
  • $resource: add resource to response for error interceptors (9256db#16109)
  • $http: allow differentiation between XHR completion, error, abort, timeout (5e2bc5#15924#15847)


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