Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Android’s AirDrop, Nearby Sharing is on beta phase

2 min read

AirDrop is a feature introduced by Apple in iOS 7 that uses a built-in network to allow users to transfer files with other iPhones and Macs. Compared with traditional Bluetooth transmission, AirDrop’s file transfer speed is faster. Many file transfer applications have adopted similar designs to achieve a high-speed file transfer experience.

Recently, as the first-party developer of Android, Google brought the official AirDrop-like function for Android. This function was named “Nearby Share.” The following is how to use this function:

  • When you want to share one or more files, first select the file you want to share, and then click the “Share” button.
  • Select the “Nearby Share” option in the “Share” menu.
  • In the “Turn On Nearby Share” pop-up window, click “Turn On” in the lower right corner, which will make your device discoverable by other devices, and you can view nearby devices that can be shared.
  • After that, Nearby Share will automatically scan the nearby shareable devices, and then list the device names for you.
  • Now, you need to find the name of the device you want to share on the device list.
  • Then wait for the receiving device to receive the file.

I believe you can also see that this function is almost the same as Apple’s AirDrop, and the experience is very smooth. If you want to use this feature in beta, you need to apply to join the Google Play services beta plan in the Play Store, and then install the beta version of Google Play services.

Via: androidpolice