Android Studio 3.0 officially released, support Kotlin language


In addition to Android 8.1 Oreo Developer Preview, Google today officially released Android Studio 3.0, for its IDE introduced a series of new features.

Android Studio 3.0 focuses on accelerating Android application development, including a large number of updates, divided into three functional blocks, including:

  • A new application analysis tool for rapid diagnostic performance problems
  • Support Kotlin programming language
  • Used to accelerate the latest Android Oreo API on the development of new tools

Update Overview:


  • Kotlin programming language support –  As Google announced in Google I / O 2017, the Kotlin programming language has been officially supported for Android development. This version of Android Studio is the first milestone version to support the Kotlin language. Many popular features (such as code auto-completion and syntax highlighting) can work properly in this release, and the editor will continue to improve the functionality. You can choose “Code → Convert Java File to Kotlin File using the  built-in conversion tool will Kotlin added to the project, or use the “New Project Wizard Project Wizard” Creating enabled Kotlin project.


  • Java 8 Feature Support Improvements  – This version continues to improve support for Java 8 language features, adds the migration to a javac toolchain, and makes it easier to use Java 8 language features in projects.
  • Layout Editor improvements  – better drag and drop insert and new error notifications.
  • Adaptive Icon Wizard
  • XML Fonts & Downloadable Fonts   – If you are an Android app developed for Android Oreo, you can now use Android Studio 3.0 to add custom fonts and downloadable fonts.
  • Android Things Support  – Contains a new set of templates in the New Project and New Modules wizard to support the Android Things platform.
  • IntelliJ Platform Update  – built-in IntelliJ 2017.1 version.


  • Support the construction of instant application (Instant App)

  • Build speed improvements
  • Google’s Maven repository changes


  • CPU Profiler
  • Memory Profiler
  • Network Profiler
  • APK Analyzer improvements

Testing and debugging

  • Emulator Google Play System Images

  • Emulator OpenGL ES 3.0 Support
  • Emulator Proxy Support
  • App Bug Reporter
  • Android Wear Rotatory
  • Android Emulator Quick Boot (Canary)
  • APK Debugging
  • Layout Inspector
  • Device File Explorer

For details, please refer to the Release Notes:

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