Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Android Q allows two apps run simultaneously without pausing

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Although many domestic manufacturers’ custom systems have already added support for split screen and picture-in-picture, Google has not added native split-screen support until the Android 7.0 Nougat system and added support for “Picture in Picture” in Android 8.0 Oreo.¬†However, this support is also difficult to call perfect.
There are some restrictions on the application in the current split screen system. Users can use the split screen view to open two applications and make better use of screen space. But of the two apps in the split screen, only one can remain active. According to XDA, Google will introduce a feature called “multi-resume” in the Android Q to solve this problem.
This support comes with the help of the new system for foldable smartphones. As its name suggests, this feature allows users to split multiple applications and keep them running at the same time. Currently, the “MultiStar” module in Samsung Good Lock already provides this support, but starting with Android Q, all native Android devices will support this feature.
To achieve this, future OEMs and developers will need to update their devices and applications accordingly. However, in the market share data of the various versions of the Android system announced at the end of October, the latest Android Pie system still accounts for less than 0.1%, and the arrival of Android Q seems to be a long way off.
Multi-window support has been introduced in the Android system. However, when the APP is in multiple windows and is not selected, it will be in a pause state. But in the future, Google will allow device manufacturers to remain active in multiple windows. Developers can add the following source code to the application manifest to make adjustments:

meta-data android:name=”android.allow_multiple_resumed_activities” android:value=”true”