September 27, 2020

Android Q is testing to support chat bubbles for all notifications

2 min read

A week ago, Google released the first beta of Android Q, and developers have discovered some new hidden features in this new operating system. For example, Android Q Beta 1 enables dark mode in system-wide. Now the latest findings show that Google is testing the chat bubble on Android Q in the system notification area.

According to 9to5google, who first discovered this, you can enable chat bubbles for all notifications on Android Q beta 1. Of course, this is a hidden feature, which means you have to use a few lines of code to activate it via ADB. When enabled, all notifications will appear as chat header bubbles. This is similar to the chat header used by the Facebook Messenger app.

However, the new chat header feature is available throughout the system and you can move it or cancel it by dragging it down. All notifications will appear as a single stack or you can move around. Tapping one of the notifications will open it and align all other bubbles horizontally. This is also similar to how chat headers work on Facebook Messenger.

Below the notification chat header, you’ll see the app name, application settings, and the button to open the app in full-screen mode. If it is a notification from a WhatsApp, Telegram, or other messaging application, you can respond directly. It works like the one we used today on Android Pie. Notifications for systems, screenshots, screenshots, etc. can all be displayed as bubbles.

To enable chat head bubbles for all notifications, please view this guide.