Android Q Beta may be released within hours

Android Q Beta releases

On March 7 last year, Google released the Android P Developer Preview 1, which is the first version of the developer preview of the Android 9 system. Now, it seems that Android Q is near In front of you. According to androidpolice, Google has opened a bug tracking for Android Q (currently only for OEMs) but mentioned that it will only be included after March 11th, so we guess that Android Q DP1 may be released soon.

On Friday, Google engineer Mr. Illiyan Malchev revealed that the lineup of players participating in the Android Beta program this year is even larger. It is speculated that Samsung, Huawei, Moto and LG, which were absent last year, are expected to join. Of course, DP1 is not necessarily Beta 1. When Android P system was used last year, DP2 was pushed as Beta 1.