Android Q Beta 3: improve privacy and security, support foldable device, dark theme

Yesterday Google launched the Android Q Beta 3 version. According to Google, Android Q focuses on innovation, security, and privacy. In this version, Google will turn more attention to 5G, AI and foldable devices. Some improvements have been made to the UI, but security, privacy, and health will always be the focus of Google. At present, 21 devices from several OEM manufacturers can install Android Q Beta 3. The following are specific updates.


As many manufacturers began to research and produce folding screen phones, Google also optimized them to ensure that the screen experience during the user’s use is continuous and seamless, and can continue anywhere in the software and games. In addition, the features and APIs of many systems are optimized to fit the characteristics of the folding screen.


Google said that 5G network is the next development direction of wireless technology because it provides higher speed and lower latency, so Google has added support for 5G in Android Q, and extended the existing API, so it can More convenient to publish and run 5G apps and games.

Dark theme & Gestural navigation

At present, there are more and more mobile phones using OLED screens. In order to save battery and use Android devices at night with low brightness, Google has added a new system-wide dark theme, which can be opened in Settings > Display and can be directly applied to the application. In addition, Google has added new navigation gestures, which can be switched between Settings > System > Gestures. There are currently two gestures: swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring the user to the home screen, slide up to show the most recent software, and slide the trigger back from the left or right edge of the screen.

Image: android-developers

In addition, Google has provided many improvements in security privacy, ART, API and image processing. If you are interested, you can go to Google’s developer blog to get more info about Android Q Beta 3.