Android P has battery management troubles, Google urgency fixes and apologizes

Android P battery management troubles

Android 9.0 has officially met with you for four months. However, due to the slow adaptation of most manufacturers, only a few of the pioneering Pixel series of Google, the Essential Phone of Android, the Nokia 7Plus and the One Plus six have eaten the new Android 9.0. However, Android P has battery management troubles on some users of the models.

We all know that on Android phones, the user can preset the battery protection mode to automatically activate the low battery protection mode (also called the power saving mode) under the low battery, and the normal low battery customisation interval is more. It is 10%-15%.

However, shortly, some users who have used Android 9.0 found that this interval has been changed to 99% (and the user has not actively modified the settings), which means that the phone is always at full power every moment. Under the control of the power saving mode.

In power-saving mode, the system will reduce or even prevent the application from running in the background, and also reduce the screen brightness and turn off the phone sound and some message reminders, severely affecting the daily experience.

Fortunately, Google has urgently fixed this bug to change the custom range of battery protection mode back to the average default value. In response to this question, Google gave an explanation through the official social account. that “this was an internal experiment that was mistakenly deployed publicly. The settings have been reverted, so you shouldn’t experience any further battery saver issues.” 

Although Google has urgently fixed the bug and gave a reasonable explanation and apologise for the mistakes, some users who have been tossed by this trouble have expressed their fear and uneasiness after changing the settings of the mobile phone without notice and permission.

Via: androidpolice