Android O: the last developer preview version of DP4 is released


Google’s Android mobile system has never stopped the pace of progress, the company today released the Android O system, the fourth developer preview version, which is Android 8.0 final version of the last preview. Summer official end date is September 22, so speculation that Android O is expected to appear before the release.

Dave Burke, vice president of Android engineering, said that the fourth developer preview version covers all the system features of the final version, the official version will be based on the BUG repair, background performance optimization, and API adjustment and so on. Over the next few days, Google will also make small updates to the SDK, tools, and Android Emulator system mirroring. In addition, the new Android Testing Support Library will add several features to simplify application testing.

Currently available for testing the Android O Developer Preview, only Pixel and Pixel XLNexus 6PNexus 5XPixel C, and Nexus Player. For more information, you can visit Android O DP4.

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