September 25, 2020

Android 11 will remove Android’s 4GB filesize limit for video recordings

1 min read

Google may lift the classic 4GB file size limit for video recordings on Android 11.0. Google made this decision in 2014. At that time, the largest mobile phone with built-in storage on the market was only 32GB, SD cards were also widely popular, and very few phones had 4K video recording functions. Therefore, Google decided that the Android MediaMuxer and MPEG4Writer classes were responsible for each Mix video files and save them as MP4 files, which should support outputting MP4 files with a maximum size of 2^32 – 1 byte, approximately 4GB.

So if you use the Pixel 4 to record 4K 30FPS video now, the video file size will reach 4GB after 12 minutes. For this purpose, the camera program will automatically save the file and immediately start recording another video. The user will not be aware of the whole process. However, when viewing the video file, you will find that the video you recorded is split into multiple files, which is not conducive to user upload or further processing.

And 5 years later, mobile phones with 1TB storage have appeared on the market, SD cards have gradually withdrawn from the public’s vision, 4K video recording has long been popular, and the public will even usher in 8K video recording. XDA has found that Google is lifting this 4GB size limit in Android 11.0. It is reported that Google has tested recording 32GB videos and even tried to fill the entire phone storage space with one recording.

Source: xda-developers