Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

Android 11 is expected to support native Wireless ADB debugging function

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It’s clear that the Android 11 system will take another year to debut. Will there be new features worth mentioning? At least for developers, the perfect wireless ADB feature can be expected. ADB is an indispensable tool for Android platform debugging applications. Although wireless ADB can be transmitted via TCP/IP, many developers are still accustomed to wired connections.

Android 10

After all, wireless ADB requires the machine to have a static IP address, and can not test multiple devices at the same time, and the plaintext transmission also has security flaws. The good news is that the new code submitted by Google software engineer Joshua Duong to AOSP shows that the wireless ADB connection can be done with Wi-Fi service. Before pairing, you need to scan the QR code or enter six digits to improve security.

Via: xda-developers